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Size guide for belts

You will see that when ordering a belt that you can specify the size in Centimetres.

Please measure your waist size when wearing trousers or jeans.

If you are ordering a belt to wear with jeans or chinos then we recommend that you wear those when measuring, and vice versa for suit trousers.

Many of our customers prefer the 3cm width belts for business trousers and 4cm width for casual. But it is really up to you. The length measuring is the same for either width.

Your belt will be made with five holes - in order that you can adjust - and the middle hole will be at the length according to the waist size that you provide to us.


Our custom made buckles are also detachable. So in case you would like to make a more dramatic shortening of the belt length, it is possible to remove the buckles and cut the belt.

If you have any questions or need any help with belt ordering and sizing then please do contact us by email enquiries@dominiquesaintpaul.com or by telephone +84 (0) 8 38 25 12 59.

You can always be sure to get a fast reply and good advice.




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