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Shoes fitting, here is a simple size guide to help you

Below you will find simple and clear information to help you choose the size of your new shoes, including a guide to measure your feet, so that we can check your shoe size, face to face in our shop, or by email. We want you to have shoes that fit correctly and are comfortable.

For most dress shoes style we are able to provide 13 Euro sizes with an amazing 5 width fittings for each size, E, EE, EEE, F and G. If you size or width fitting is not here please contact us, as we can still satisfy your request.

If for some reason your shoes do not fit, then please return them for exchange or refund.

In our experience, many people wear shoes that are not the correct size. It is quite common for men to think that they are for example size 42, when in fact they are size 40.

If you have some questions or need some help please do contact us. We are here to help, at any time.

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1, Shoe size (as written on shoes)

Below is a simple conversion table comparing shoes sizes for US, UK and Europe. We are using European sizes


3, Foot measuring guide

We have a simple and easy to use foot measuring guide here.

Over the last 7 years we have used this foot measuring system many times for customers unable to do a fitting in our Saigon shop, and so far we have been 99% correct on sizing. It is really worth taking a few minutes to go through this process. Once we have your size we will retail this information, so if you forgot do send us an email.

We do strongly recommend that you take a little time to measure your feet our way and then send us an email with this information.

Our technician will check the measurements and we will quickly reply to recommend the best size for you.

Measuring Your Feet
Most people do not have feet the same size
We would like to have measurements for both your left and right feet
You should be standing to have your feet measured
The drawing and measurements must be made by a friend
Measurements A & B (for left and right feet) – take care to measure all the way around the feet (under and over)
Your friend will draw carefully around your feet on 2 pieces of paper - for LEFT and RIGHT feet
Then take the measurement for C – left and right feet





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