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Shoes size guide

Below you will find some simple and clear information to help you choose the size of your new shoes.


Remember that we offer not only free shipping on all shoes, but also free returns, in case the shoes do not fit or you simply change your mind (see Returns Page here).


We do recommend that you take time to consider the size to choose.


In our experience, many people wear shoes that are not the correct size.


Also, it is quite common for a man to think that he is for example size 42, when in fact he is size 41.


If you have some questions or need some help please do contact us (see our contact information here).


We are here to help, at any time.


1, Shoe size conversions


Below is a simple conversion table comparing shoes sizes for USA, Japan and Europe.


The shoes that we are offering in our online shop are all using our Oxford last.


As a quick guide, below is a simple table showing our last size and the equivalent foot length.




Shoe size guide of Dominique Saint Paul



3, Foot measuring guide


We have our own simple and easy to use foot measuring guide here.


If you have any doubts about which size to choose then we do strongly recommend that you take a little time to carefully measure your feet our way and then send us an email with this information.


Our technician will check and recommend the best size for you.







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