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Personalisation of leather goods

You will see that for most products that we offer in this online shop you will have the possibility to personalise with emboss stamping of your initials.

For the best result it is better to emboss stamp the leather before making the piece. 

Therefore, when we have a request for emboss stamping, please give us 5 working days to make an entirely new piece just for you with the emboss stamping of your choice.

We can emboss stamp on the leather up to four initials.

This will normally be done with a full stop like this "." after each

Therefore and as an example if your initials are "ABC" we will emboss as "A.B.C."

If you have an alternative request please contact us before ordering with our online shop.

If you have a specific request about the exact location for the emboss stamping to be pleased then again please contact us. 

We can create custom made emboss stamps with your full name, business or personal logo and prices start from USD 50.00 per stamp. Please ask us for more information.


Contact Us:

Tel: +84 8 38 25 12 59


Our Saigon shop is located at:
29 Dong Du Street *
District 1
Saigon (officially known as Ho Chi Minh City)

* Dong Du Street is the same street as the well known Sheraton Hotel


Here pictured an example of a hand coloured patina wallet with emboss stamping of the customer's initial on the inside of the wallet


Dominique Saint Paul Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam hand coloured patina leather wallet




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