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Why you need Goodyear business shoes


Business shoes

Goodyear welted shoes

Let's face it, us guys don't spend much money on our shoes, especially for work, and we really want them to last.

In business nothing will let down your image faster that a scruffy pair of shoes. So what shoes to buy? Anyway, what are Goodyear shoes?

Value. By Goodyear we mean the construction method, Goodyear welted; put simply means that your shoes can be re-soled time and time again. Stitched soles and real leather. Value for money. Shoes that go the full mile and stay with you for many years.

Durability. You may ride a motorbike. Your shoes are going to see rain, sunshine and dirt. Guys' shoes take a real hammering. Probably like us you are none too keen on the cleaning part. Quality footwear, made with great leather will last you many years. We have shoes running to 7 or 8 years; still going strong.

Comfort. All important if you are wearing shoes for 8-10 hours a day. You need shoes that fit well. We give you the choice of size and width. Enjoy the great feeling that comes only with full leather insole and lining.

So what to do about it? 

The Dominique Saint Paul team is community spirited. We want to get you guys into good shoes, at a reasonable and workable price. 

So until the end August we are giving 15% discount on our three core styles* in our online shop. Just use the code "business2018". 

If you are a store customer just mention this promo to get the same discount.

Click here to go shopping. Have fun.

* The Classic, The Citizen, The Countryman

Why you need Goodyear business shoes



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