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Shoe trees - read this, then get some


shoe trees

A small story about shoes trees.

Do you own any? You should.

Wood shoe trees are a vital accessory for every pair of shoes you own.

After a long day of wearing your shoes, inserting correctly fitting shoe trees will allow the leather of the uppers to gentle ease back into shape and wrinkles will fade away.

The wood shoe trees should be adjustable, ideally for length as well as the width on the toe.

Shoes trees should made from a special wood, normally cedar, which has the special ability to absorb moisture that has gone into the leather after a long day of wearing.

You may have heard the advice, to never one pair of shoes two days in a row. This is also quite correct.

Using a good pair of wood shoe tress will surely prolong the life of your leather dress shoes.

Many say that one day wearing and shoes trees" rules are more important than cleaning and polishing; we agree with this.

We sell shoe trees made by Saphir in France.

We also have shoes trees that are custom made for us in England by one famous last making company.

Good shoe trees are not cheap. But consider this. Investment in a pair is an investment for life, and they will keep your shoes serviceable for many years.

Well worth every penny we would suggest.

Contact us today to get more information about our stock and sizing.

Shoe trees - read this, then get some



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