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Metal toe taps for shoes


metal toe taps

There has often been a lot written about metal toe taps. Are they necessary?

Well, apart from making a very pleasant clinking noise, metal toe caps are in most cases a decorative item.

The critical thing to consider is the toe spring of the shoe. Toe spring means the gap between the underside of the leather sole at the toe and the walking surface. Shoes that have a low toe spring are more likely to wear at the front. Shoes with a higher toe spring are less likely to wear at the front.

Now there are some men who tend, due to their shape of their feet, to scuff the front toe underside more than normal. For these men metal toe taps are very advantageous.

As with most points of style, we advise, but we do let the customer decide. If well executed metal toe taps for shoes can look very smart.

Pictured here is one pair of made to order semi brogues with metal toe taps.


Metal toe taps for shoes



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