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Jodhpur boots - from Rajasthan to Saigon


Jodhpur boots were a style that is named after the city of Jodhpur, in Rajasthan, India. The style is thought to have first come about as a rework of Chelsea boots for riding horses, probably in the god old days of the Raj.

Our Jodhpur boots are equally up to the job, for city wear or even a spot of hacking with your horse. These boots are Goodyear welted with full leather soles. The Goodyear construction means that the design utilises a piece of leather called the welt. The leather soles are stitched to the welt and the welt is stitched to the shoe upper. This means that when the soles wear down it is possible to replace them with ease, meaning the boots should be serviceable for a good many years, however you are using them!

In common with all our dress shoes, these boots are made with Italian leather uppers. You have a choice of crust leather that can be hand coloured with patina dye colours, or suede, as pictured here.

We make Jodhpur boots as ready to wear or you can personalise your pair with our made to order programme.

Jodhpur boots - from Rajasthan to Saigon



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