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A letter from our founder, Mr Dominic Price


Dear Fellow Shoe Lover,

We at Dominique Saint Paul wish you and your family health, wealth and happiness through these challenging times.

Whilst Vietnam has displayed resilience that will surprise none who know it well, the world is changing in ways

we do not yet fully comprehend. Things we took for granted will become things that we appreciate all the more for being deprived of them.

One of those things is the enjoyment derived from experiencing first hand the pleasure of coming into our central Saigon store. With travel likely to alter fundamentally and the mobility which we assumed likely to be significantly curtailed for many months if not years we have taken the initial steps necessary for us to recreate our shop online.

Our aim is to make your online experience as enjoyable as possible and in the process deliver to you the personalised products that Dominique Saint Paul has become synonymous with.

For those whose shoe size we know there should be no constraint on our ability to continue to deliver shoes that enhance your life by bringing aesthetic pleasure, confidence and comfort to your daily life.

For those who have yet to experience the pleasure of a pair of Dominique Saint Paul shoes the silver lining is that you will be able to do so at more competitive prices and wherever you live.

Our mission is to be a brand for the ages that brings the authenticity and style of Saigon to your life. We would like your shoes and leather goods to be one of life’s pleasures, whatever else may be going on.

To do this we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the personalised service for which we are appreciated and provide the products you most appreciate.

Start today by visiting us online at and select a pair of shoes or one of our bags or leather goods products that will elevate your life and distract you from the challenges that we are all facing today.

One day we hope to welcome you once again in our Saigon store.

Stay safe and well.

With warmest regards, Dominic Price

A letter from our founder, Mr Dominic Price



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